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Our Models

Drawing Party┬ámodels help you explore the wonders of the classic nude at your leisure. What’s more, our guy-and-girl-next-door-types are friendly, approachable and outgoing, helping to break down the awkward ‘fourth wall’ that often exists between artist and subject. You’ll feel more comfortable and confident as you create your art…and you’ll have fun doing it!

You are welcome to take souvenir pictures of and with most of our models and, at the end of the night, you’ll have a few special drawings and photos to call your own!

Which view do you prefer?

IMG_0072woman pose

  • Our Instructors

    Don't be afraid, our experienced teachers will be there to guide you through the task of drawing a nude model. You'll get basic pointers on how to put your subject on paper and friendly advice on how best to create your masterpiece!